Woodturners Association of Gwynedd






 Monday 9th Jan           2017 A.G.M.

 Saturday 4th Feb         FULL DAY DEMO - Mick Hanbury

 Monday 6th Mar        Club Night - John Griffith - Tool Use

 Monday 3rd Apr         Club Night - Allan Barker - Tagliatelli Spiral

 Saturday 6th May        FULL DAY DEMO - Richard Findley

 BEAUMARIS EXHIBITION - Sat 27th May - Sat 3rd June, Set up Fri 26th May

 Monday 5th June         Club Night - Bryn Jones - Workshop Visit

 Monday 3th July          Club Night - Dewi Jones

 BEAUMARIS EXHIBITION - Sat 29th July - Sat 5th Aug, Set up Fri 28th July

 Saturday 9th Sep         FULL DAY DEMO - Phil Irons 


 BEAUMARIS EXHIBITION - Sat 28th Oct -Sat 4th Nov, Set up 27th Oct

 Monday 2nd Oct          Club Night - Albert Harrison

 Monday 6th Nov          Club Night - Brian Mouat

 HARROGATE Show - Saturday 18th Nov

 Saturday 2rd Dec         FULL DAY WORKSHOP & PRIZE GIVING - Sally Burnett

 DATES FOR 2018 (Provisional)

Monday 8th Jan           2018 A.G.M.

Saturday 3rd Feb        FULL DAY DEMO - Dave Atkinson

Monday 5th Mar        Club Night -

Monday 9th Apr          Club Night -

Saturday 12th May      FULL DAY DEMO 

BEAUMARIS EXHIBITION - Sat 26th May - Sat 2nd June, Set up Fri 25th May

Monday 4th June         Club Night -

Monday 2nd July        Club Night -

BEAUMARIS EXHIBITION - Sat 28th July - Sat 4th Aug, Set up Fri 27th July

Saturday 8th Sep         FULL DAY DEMO - Tracy Owen  


Monday 1st Oct          Club Night -

BEAUMARIS EXHIBITION - Sat 27th Oct - Sat 3rd Nov, Set up Fri 26th Oct

Monday 5th Nov          Club Night -

HARROGATE Show - Saturday 21st Nov-

Saturday 1st Dec        FULL DAY WORKSHOP & PRIZE GIVING

Monday 7th Jan 19      2019 A.G.M.

 Meetings are held in  Llandygai Community Hall, Llandygai Village, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4HU unless otherwise stated. Monday meetings start at 7pm. Saturday meetings start at 10:30am. 

The Beaumaris Exhibition is held at the Town Hall in the main street of Beaumaris,Castle St, and is on during the day, 10:30am to 4pm.

Admission charge for full day demo is £8 and the cost of the buffet is £4.

Visitors are always welcome. Please make yourself known to the Chairman,  Secretary or a member of the Committee and we will do our best to make you feel at home and introduce you to like minded members.  





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